RigorOus dependability analysis using model ChecKing techniques for Stochastic systems

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Project Meeting Fulda / Germany

  • THURSDAY, 11 April 2013
    • 13.30-13.45 David N. Jansen: Opening
    • 13.45-14.30 Dennis Guck (UT-FMT): Modelling, Reduction and Analysis of Dynamic Fault Trees
    • 14.30-15.15 Sicco Verwer (RU): Learning probabilistic automata
    • 15.15-15.45 tea break
    • 15.45-16.30 Daniel Gebler (VU Amsterdam): Metric and approximate robust specifications of probabilistic systems
    • 16.30-17.15 Erika Abraham (RWTH): title to be announced
    • Dinner in a nearby restaurant and business meeting
  • FRIDAY, 12 April 2013
    • 9.00- 9.30 Florian Arnold (UT-FMT): Attack Time Analysis with Phase Type Distributions
    • 9.30-10.15 Anne Remke (UT-DACS): Model checking Hybrid Petri nets with a general one-shot transition
    • 10.15-10.45 coffee break
    • 10.45-11.30 Balaguru Srivathsan (RWTH): Lazy abstractions for timed automata
    • 11.30-12.15 Waheed Ahmad (UT-FMT): SDF via timed automata
    • 12.15-14.00 lunch in a nearby restaurant
    • 14.00-14.45 Lei Song (UdS): Bisimulations Meet CSL on CTMDPs
    • 14.45-15.00 Closing remarks
    • 15.00- coffee and tea available

ROCKS is a cooperation of RWTH Aachen, TU Dresden, UT-DACS Enschede, UT-FMT Enschede, UBwM Munich, RU Nijmegen and UdS Saarbrücken